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  3. Kath (My Funny Little Life)
    Kath (My Funny Little Life) at |

    Thank you for sharing this!

    I’m currently thinking about the same and being more stricly Paleo. During the past months, I’ve started to consume some high-fat dairy (cream and butter) on a daily basis, but I felt better before. I know I have casein and lactose intolerance, and the small amounts in cream and butter seem to pile up. I also need to get rid of the coffee because for the first time within months, I have joint pain again. 😕 I still love my ghee, though, but that’s just pure dairy fat and doesn’t cause any problems.

  4. Panda
    Panda at |

    I can tell a difference for sure! I am about to do a 30 day raw program, which is pretty restrictive too. But I feel like I *have* to do it, to see how I feel. I do well on higher amounts of fruit, and don’t think fruit is bad at all, but dairy is not great, nor is wheat for me. I really enjoy reading your approach to Paleo even though I am not following this diet myself. Please check out my last post, I nominated you for a bloggy award 🙂

  5. diana@mymarblerye
    diana@mymarblerye at |

    Nice abs lady!! I know, I know I need to start being more aware of what I’ve been eating..maybe your photos will help motivate me!

  6. Leashieloo
    Leashieloo at |

    Congrats on accomplishing this!

  7. The Delicate Place
    The Delicate Place at |

    thank you for this! i started my whole 30 yesterday (figured i could stay on track for the month if i began on the 1st 🙂 i honestly can tell a difference in the photos. you look leaner in the 2nd one, it appears you lost a little belly fat and your abs look more defined to me! i’m really excited to see how i do with the whole30. only 2 days in but so far it’s pretty easy!

  8. Fit Daffy
    Fit Daffy at |

    Good for you and congratulations on a successful Whole30! 😀 Eeeks… which reminds me that I also need to do a write-up on my Whole30 experience. :T

    Good job on the chicken too. I’ve been getting complaints that I haven’t been cooking enough chicken and fish. Unfortunately, the people in my household are rather picky so I am pretty limited in what I can cook. Sigh…

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