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  1. Whole30: Day 22 – A Good Sore? | Delightful Taste Buds

    […] you for all your comments on my last post regarding my sleeping problem. Last night I actually could fall asleep, even though it took me a […]

  2. Suze
    Suze at |

    I think I remember Robb Wolf talking about this on one of his pod casts. Black tea helps regulate cortisol levels which can be beneficial if you have it in the morning. It makes sense that your sleep would suffer as a result of a cortisol change? Maybe? Just a thought 🙂

  3. irene
    irene at |

    That sometimes happens to me too. And when it does, i get up drink something warm and a protein shake., it helps, even though I’m not hungry but it helps me to sleep…so. I also try not to focus in falling a sleep, instead i focus on relaxing…espacially my neck and my face. When I feel relaxed I make up a story in my head, it,s like reading but with my eyes closed, this I do so I won’t start to worry about not falling asleep or how tired I will be in the morning etc…And If this doesen´t help i either accept that I can´t sleep but atleast I will get some rest or I get up and watch a movie or something…Take Care, Love your blogg btw

  4. Nina_CZ
    Nina_CZ at |

    I am sorry for you sleeping problems 🙁 I have them too lately, there is so much stuff going on and I have to keep thinking about it, bah….
    I had my cheating dream today! 😀 on 4th day of Whole30, haha I am worse then you, you made it till day 7 😀 I was dreaming about eating, well, shoveling in, POTATO CHIPS, aaaaaaaaaa! I am not craving these at all, I have no idea why they have to appear in my dream.

    I wish you luck with sleeping, have you tried cold cooooooooold shower before bed? it works for me… (or sex, haha)

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