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  1. Nina_CZ
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    Hi Jos! It is amazing how time is running fast… I am on my 12th day today! I was also thinking about what my treat will be for 31st day, but more and more I think the same as you do, I wanna keep going. I even started to think about photoshoping the whole 30 banner which says “I finished Whole30” and add “..and still going!” to the text 😀
    I also plan to order some Macadamia and Avocado oil, here they are the same price, I never tried these, I only have a few olive oil bottles and coconut oil, which I didn’t try yet.
    I am trying more and more new recipes from your website, from Nom Nom Paleo and from Melicious website. Still thinking about exactly what to order from Penzeys 🙂 AND I really wanna try a home made mayo soon! 🙂

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