Whole30: Day 11 – Staying Sharp

I woke up with some soreness on my right neck, not sure what – could be I twisted my right shoulder? Anyway, today’s workout was focused on my lower body more to give it an extra rest day.

Inhaled this breakfast/post workout meal in a matter of second (I exaggerated this A LOT obviously)- purple yam and 2 pieces of Southeast Asian Chicken Satay meat.

When I looked into the fridge, I saw the remaining ground beef and I made just cooked it taco style- seasoned with homemade taco seasonings. Of course since I didn’t buy grass fed ground beef, I used my method to drain off all the fats and juices.

I had them as my lunch with romaine lettuce, chopped whole avocado and sauerkraut.

My lunch plate was lacking red hue, so I compensated it by having some berries and yellow nectarine as dessert.

Speaking of which, I think I need to sharpen my knife skill so I won’t cut my fingers TWICE in one day! Trust me, this happened one after another.

For dinner, I cooked the remained Southeast Asian Chicken Satay and I also “fixed” the Satay Sauce to resemble sauce more other than a paste. Served with raw zucchini noodles, I was one happy cave girl.

Whole30: Day 11 – Need to stay sharp! So far this Whole30 challenge has been great for me!

How’s your knife skills?

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  • http://www.webnode.makavelina.cz Nina_CZ

    Awww, sorry about the fingers πŸ˜€ I do this a lot too, I have 4 new knives, my soon-to-be-exhusband took all the good ones with him, but it was a great chance for me to get those knives I always wanted :) and 3 days ago I hurt my finger while cutting cauli to make another batch of oven roasted curried cauli and THEN I dropped the bowl with all the cauliflower ready, already mixed with salt+pepper+curry+EVOO and I had pieces of curried not-yet-oven-roasted cauliflower AAAAAALL over my kitchen floor πŸ˜€ But at the end it was a good batch πŸ˜€ and it pushed me to clean the floor in the whole apartment, since I already had my mop ready πŸ˜€

  • http://myfunnylittlelife.com/ Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Your poor fingers – ouch! :(

    Your method to clear ground beef from fat is great! I *have* to try that out! Ground beef you get in the supermarket over here always contains a fair share of fat, and since I can’t afford organic, I usually don’t buy it at all. But I really like it, and when I see a dish like your beef scramble (?) above, I get such an appetite for it. Thank you for telling me the perfect solution to have things like that from now on! πŸ˜€

  • http://leashieloo.wordpress.com Leashieloo

    What knife skills? :) I’m like you, I need to be very careful or I end up with cut fingers!