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  1. COCO
    COCO at |

    Are you sure the measurements are correct? 6 eggs, 3 cups coconut flakes? I made this tonight using only 2 eggs and 1 cup of coconut flakes and it still seemed like too much. It was VERY coconuty and eggy and the cumin added a strange flavor. I did not like this at all but surprisingly my kids, who don’t like anything, ate this up!

    1. Jos
      Jos at |

      I’m so sorry if you didn’t like it but did you add any protein or cooked meat to it? This recipe is for savory version of the original one which I got the inspiration. So it should be more of meatloaf cup with coconut flakes. Good thing your kids enjoyed it though.

  2. chowstalker
    chowstalker at |

    So creative Jos and sounds delicious!!

    1. Jos
      Jos at |

      Thanks! 🙂

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