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  1. Hodge-Podge Procrastinator « Delightful Taste Buds

    […] Btw how did you like my scheduled post? I know it was quite long so I didn’t want to post it right away after that past due date yogurt post. […]

  2. Sagojyou
    Sagojyou at |

    Two days isn’t bad. Actually, you can go about two weeks over the experation day 🙂 Good thing you’re not wasting good food!

  3. lequan
    lequan at |

    i’m sure you’ll be ok. i hate to waste food too. i’m super anal about expiration dates when it comes to my kiddies, but for myself, a day or two doesn’t matter too much. i even feel quilty making my kids eat leftover food from the night before, but at the same time i also make them eat leftovers to try to teach them to finish everything. i actually know people who refuse to eat leftover food.

    1. Jos
      Jos at |

      I also know sm ppl who refuse to eat leftovers! I’m sure your kids would learn to appreciate food the way u do 🙂

  4. jqlee
    jqlee at |

    don’t worry at all!! expiration dates are approximations. it’s not like EXACTLY at midnight, this yogurt is bad. as long as it tastes fine, in my book, its all good!! i read once that the dates are more like a “tastes best by” kind of date.

    1. lele
      lele at |

      Totally agree!
      I don’t really believe in expiration dates, especially with real foods. Since when real food go bad, they literally become inedible. As in you will have difficulty consuming it. That’s a better indicator than a arbitrarily printed date.

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