From Summer November to Insomnia

Hey everyone, how are you?? Did you enjoy your extra hour of sleep (for those in the US). As for me, I did but for some reason I couldn’t sleep now thus I decided to update this blog! I know it’s Sunday night and I even planned to get up early tomorrow and work out but don’t think it’ll happen.

Sometimes I do have this insomnia when I can’t just fall asleep because of my snoring hubby. Anyway let’s recap a bit, shall we?

candies from Halloween - untouched! No trick or treaters came by to our house

So we had all these candies lying around since nobody came on Halloween day. I didn’t have any of these, but my hubby, mom and brother been nibbling on those a lot. Good thing I didn’t have much sweet tooth.


Unless it involves Loacker Dark Chocolate! I can hardly resist these!

I admit that I ate majority of this dark chocolate covered wafers! 😀

And I finally tried to strain my yogurt like Tra did so it became creamier! No more watery yogurt for me!
Thanks Tra for the tip! 🙂

strain strain- getting rid of the excess water

mixed in some Kashi cereal..hmm hmm hmm....creamy and crunchy!

I don’t have Tofu Press as many other bloggers who like the tofu to be nice and firm. Heck, just prepared a big dish and put something extra heavy on top of the tofu, you get your DIY Tofu Press!

filled in a pyrex container with water and put extra other stuff on top of it. See the water from the tofu?? It got the job done!

Why spend extra $$ just to strain your tofu? In fact the DIY one can do more than 1 tofu! This is the second pressing. The first one had lots more water which I had to throw away or it'd spill out

For a little change of my usual toasted wheat bread with PB, oats or cereal, I ate purple yam for b-fast instead.

one for me, one for hubby. Who says a man/woman only can live with bread/cereal/oats for b-fast? 😀

I don’t usually spend $$ for b-fast but I’ve been having this Subway coupon for a while and it’s getting closer to the expiration date. I got the Egg white Wheat muffin breakfast sandwich.

$1.49 for breakfast sandwich. After tax it was $1.62. Not bad. Usually it costs around $2.00.

The combo was only some steak meat and lettuce. No mayo or cheese as I dislike them all. No tomatoes b/c I don't like to be messy eating at my work desk.

My impression? I’m glad I always make my own b-fast The sandwich just tasted meh for me. It was pretty bland without the addition of mayo or cheese. The steak meat was kinda salty and so did the egg white. The wheat muffin was a bit chewy prolly because I ate it 20 mins later after I got to the office.

Our SoCal weather has been really weird! I call it Summer in November. It was 80-90°F in November and this is in the US!

bright, hot, sunny and very dry! Much like summer! Weird weather. Is 2012 movie coming true?

But I will miss this daylight home commute after the time change though.

sunsets over the hills.

While shopping our grocery this weekend, I saw this lopsided apple and thought it was cute.

I know we just got 4 kitchen rugs last week, but after seeing these we couldn’t resist to get it. It’s more durable, bigger and not to mention it’s easier to clean! Just wipe with damp cloth and be done with it! Dirts won’t stuck on it as much and it’s made of rubber/PVC.

color matches better with the dark wood floor. They're $20 total we spent $60 by getting 3 of these. Oh well.

It was my mom’s birthday today (technically it should be on the 8 but it’s already Nov 8 in Asia. Since she was born in Asia, we use Asian time) so I decided to take her out for a little shoe shopping. But instead getting the shoes, she found some winter clothing. There weren’t much shoes that she liked.

Got all of these at Ross. I offered to pay for all of these and said they'll be for her b'day gift. I know it wasn't much, but at least they'll be useful for her. My mom is afraid of cold weather a lot so she needs more warm clothing 🙂

Got this Chocolate cake. 7 candles 🙂 - Happy birthday MOM!

perfect cake. Everyone got 1 slice and 1 slice left for whoever wants to eat it for b-fast tomorrow morning. this cake taste really light and not sweet at all. Kudos to Asian Bakery!

And while driving earlier, I notice the weather might be cooler again. I heard rain is coming.

Questions of the day:
1. What do you do when you can’t sleep?
You know what I do..haha!

2. Does your significant other or whoever share the same room with you snore? What do you do?
Mine does! Usually the remedy is I go to sleep first. There are times when I’m tired enough I still be able to go to sleep even though he’s kinda snoring.

Big thank you, recipes and staying positive

First of all, I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU for the great and supportive comments on my last post. I definitely felt better after reading those. It’s strange in some ways even though I don’t know the readers in person, sometimes I feel they could understand me a bit more than people who’ve known me in person. I know it sounds strange but maybe that’s why people blog, right?

It’s almost weekend and for those who live in the US, it’s Labor Day weekend! Woohoo!! Anyone has plans?

As my current situation, I don’t think we have any plans at all. Mainly just regular weekend stuff, got stretched over a bit..haha. But I do feel a bit envious of one of my friend, who’s going to celebrate her 1 year wedding anniversary for going out of town with her hubby. They mentioned Las Vegas but then she asked my suggestion and I suggested her to give Terranea Resort at Rancho Palos Verdes a look.

View of Terranea at Rancho Palos Verde

Hm, I wanna go there on our 5th year wedding anniversary. We are not big in celebrating stuff (anniversary, birthdays etc) but for 5 year or 10 year wedding anniversary, I think it’s worth it.

Moving on, my throat been bothering me since yesterday afternoon. It was hurt and scratchy. Ugh!! So I took a quick action: Vitamin C overdose Infusing lots of Vitamin C to my body.

full cup of fresh squeezed grapefruit - drank this right after dinner

followed by a fresh squeezed lemon juice mixed w/ warm water and some honey

Went to bed quite early last night, sometime before 10pm? Had to help dad scan some stuff, took a while to install the software on the laptop, downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, found out I downloaded the wrong driver, tried again, wireless went down, had to restart the laptop, still not working, blah blah. Finally I had to turn on my desktop computer which hasn’t been on since ‘rents are here (they took over our computer room), then scanned that sucker. Phew. Originally I planned to sleep around 9pm but got dragged until 9:40pm. Oh well.

Woke up this morning, throat was really sore, especially when swallowing. Had a bit of phlegm (sorry TMI). I’ve been having cough drops and LOTS OF H20 to hydrate myself. A bit dizzy. Man, hopefully I didn’t catch a cold! Gotta exercise later after got home to sweat it all out!

Btw, last night I experimented making a gluten-free, vegan friendly banana muffins, inspired by Averie’s Vegan Banana Nut Muffins. This is a super easy. All you need is a measuring cup, a bowl and a spoon. No mixer, no blender!

Vegan friendly, gluten free banana muffins:
3 medium ripe bananas
1/2 cup ground flaxseeds
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup oats (I used quick oats since that’s what I had in my pantry)
about 1 Tbsp brown sugar
a dash of salt
some dried cranberries

1. Mash all bananas until smooth then pour in the rest of the ingredients.
Mine looked like this:

2. Divide the mixture evenly into lined muffin pans. Mine perfectly filled 2 of 6 muffin tins.

3. Bake at 375°F for about 20 minutes. I had to bake one tin at a time cause they won’t fit into my convection oven.

4. Enjoy!


Texture wise it's not as fluffy and airy like typical muffins since there wasn't any gluten in there. But still good. Kinda chewy. My mom tried it and she said it was pretty good. Not overly sweet either. Most of the sweetness came from the ripe bananas.

I’m planning to add a bit of dark chocolate chips next time to mask the banana flavor, also put more seeds and coconut flakes to make it crunchier, and less oats.

Also sometime last week when bro was still hospitalized, he requested to have stir fried rice noodle. Mom didn’t quite know how to make those so asked me to do it. I said, okay and voila:

Stir Fried Rice Noodles
1 package of dried rice noodles (make sure it’s rice noodles, not rice vermicelli- they’re different) – A must

You can always alter any of these ingredients (vegans/vegetarians just omit the animal products 🙂 )
1 carrot -julienne
1 package of button mushrooms – chopped
1-2 green onions – julienne
2 -3 eggs – scrambled – vegans/vegetarians can omit this and use lightly fried sliced tofu instead
A dash of white pepper
1-2 Tbsp soy sauce (adjust for taste)
1-2 Tbsp oyster sauce (adjust for taste) – vegans/vegetarians can use mushroom sauce instead
Canola oil for stir fry
2 stalks of celery – julienne
1/2 pounds of peeled and deveined shrimps

1. Soak the dried rice noodles in cold water until it’s soft – the longer you soak the softer it becomes. Don’t soak it too long. Drain the water, cover and set aside.
2. Scrambled the eggs until cooked, set aside.
3. Stir fry all the veggie and meat mixture until cooked – set aside
4. Stir fry the soaked rice noodles – might want to divide it into 2 steps. Too much rice noodles at once will be hard to stir.
5. Pour in half of the veggie mixture to the noodles, keep stirring with medium heat.
6. Mix in the soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, pepper and adjust for taste.
7. First batch done. Repeat Step 4-6 for second batch.

Hopefully the direction won’t be too confusing..hehe. Anyway, bro, parents and hubby liked this!

Sometime last week I tried this Asian style burrito for breakfast. It was ok, but a bit greasy for my taste. I only ate the inside part and only half of the wrap.

Long weekend is coming and I strive to keep a positive attitude around my parents. Smile more, talk more to them and just be happy. And hopefully my sore throat will heal SOON!


There’s still no real answer to this…yet

Dang, I haven’t posted for A WHILE! Seriously, my life has been pretty hectic with my brother’s unknown sickness that’s still around UNTIL NOW.

It’s true last time he was diagnosed with TB, BUT, it’s still not 100%. The X ray picture showed like a TB symptom, but there are others that are not typical TB symptoms. Being on the medication for almost 2 weeks but fever hasn’t gone down (it went up to 103 almost 104 F one time), this is getting weird. I had to see my mom crying over him, when she saw him had a high fever and shaking in middle of the night. My parents are still here and haven’t had enough sleeps lately because keep checking his temperature.

Anyway, yesterday he was admitted to ER then to the hospital, in an isolation room. There’ll be more tests to be done and not sure how long he’ll be in the hospital.

Sorry this will be short for now and pictureless post. I don’t have time and energy to snap pictures of food, which mostly are pretty similar, nor I do want to snap hospital pictures, IV, etc. As for my workout, I’d have to thank Zuzana for her short and intense workout.

Family and I, GNU review

I finally took my time and called my mom earlier using Skype! Gosh I know I’m such a bad daughter not calling her for quite a while (last time she was here was around 3 months ago!!)….*sigh* Sometimes I think I am always got too caught up doing my own stuff and keep procrastinate calling her. Felt bad….in some ways. I am always amazed at some people who can call their parents and talk to them everyday. Seriously, what possibly can you talk to them on the phone if you call every single day? Sometimes I hesitate to call my mom because I feel like I have nothing to talk about. Yeah just going to work, come home have dinner, shower and sleep. So majority of the time, my mom talks more about her stuff. My Skype account balance was over, but that wasn’t an excuse for not calling her anytime soon. I’m telling myself that from now on I should AT LEAST call her once a week…or more if I can!

Ok, lets move onto the food part!
This morning, I made another bowl of oats, topped with pb, low fat plain yogurt and some strawberries!!

didn't bother to cut the strawberries in half...I was a bit rush this morning

Cut up fruits for my lunch snacks as well. I’m so glad finally I could have more varieties in there besides orange, peach and papaya.

I knew that the bowl of oatmeal won’t last me until lunch time, so I packed GNU Foods Orange Cranberry Bar as my late morning snack at work.

The first thing that I noticed when opening the package was the strong orange scent. It had a sweet smell, like those orange candy, however, the bar itself wasn’t that sweet! For non sweet tooth person like me, it was tolerable. The bar was a bit chewy but not dense. It was actually considered to be pretty light. I could even taste the wheat flakes and some raisin chunks in between. It had a slight bitter taste though, kind of the bitterness from a fresh squeezed orange juice. Overall, I love this bar, can’t wait to taste the other flavors! For more complete nutritional info, visit their site here.

So today my lunch was consisted of lots of veggies (similar to what I had from last night dinner) plus I brought my nutritional yeast as my dipping. It was super good! Just as an info, nutritional yeast has lots of vitamin B12, thus makes your urine color neon yellow – based on the information that I searched earlier. I was a bit worried when I saw that, thinking I didn’t drink enough water. Usually my urine was colorless because I could drink 8-10 12oz. of water. After I knew it was from the nutritional yeast, I eased up a bit. But I think I’ll go easy on that. Don’t want to overworked my kidney with overloaded vitamin B12 which my body won’t absorb all of it, thus ended up being wasted. That thing wasn’t cheap either!

I was quite full after lunch, even only managed finished one of my fruit snacks, didn’t eat my edamame and yogurt. So those ended up as my dinner, minus the yogurt, along with some boiled green beans and broccoli and 2 whole egg omelets.

For those who live away from their parents, how often do you talk to them? For me, I am trying at least calling once a week. My parents are all the way in Asia so time difference plays some part here. Sometimes I chat with them, mainly my dad, early morning before I go to work, or call my mom in the evening after dinner.

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