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  2. actorsdiet
    actorsdiet at |

    maybe once a week? usually on the weekends when we have free minutes.

  3. lisaou11
    lisaou11 at |

    I have actually never used skype. I’m so behind the times!

    As far as calling parents…

    lets see..

    my mom lives about 20 minutes away from me and I talk to her multiple times a day, but I also consider her a close friend so we talk about most anything.

    My dad lives about 8 hours away and I am not as close to him. That being said, I call about twice a week. We talk about the usual stuff—sports and work.

    I think calling once a week is great. But, if you don’t, that’s ok too. You have to focus on living your life.

  4. traynharder23
    traynharder23 at |

    hey you! loved your opinion on opening up. it’s hard, and i think about that sometimes.

    a lot of the people i know don’t know EVERYTHING about me. i talk about fluff with them- you know, i can make them laugh, shit like that, but they go away from the conversation not learning anything about me.

    your blog is your blog- how open you are and how much you say is really up to you. i’m naturally kinda open, so i tell the shit how it happens. but sometimes i don’t mention a lot of stuff on there. you know? i take out full names of friends.

    and re: your calling parents. MY SISTER who lives in texas calls. eVERY day. MULTIPLE TIMES. and she talks exactly about what you were like “i don’ twanna talk about sleep, cook, eat, study”. she calls to say she got home. she calls to say she’s hungry and is fixing something. she tells me what she ate for lunch. it’s CRAZY.
    so it’s fine if you call once in a while. =D


    1. Jos
      Jos at |

      LOL…your sister is hilarious but I’m sure your mom is happy that she calls her a lot. My plan now is to at least call my mom once a week..even just for 5 minutes converastion…better than nothing, right? -hugs

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