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  1. The Delicate Place
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    i have always been interested in the bod pod as i hear it is one of the most accurate measures of bf %. i have no idea what mine is but i would guess it is 20% or lower since i can see some of my abs. i am 5’4.5—you are pretty tall! i don’t have a particular bf % in mind as a goal really but i would like to get my period back haha. i still haven’t had it from last xmas! i still think that it’s because i was on the birth control pill and my blood panel was all normal that i just had done in july. i think i just need to be patient πŸ™‚

    i don’t think it’s a weight thing nor does my doc either because i have had my period when i was as low as 105lbs and as high as 125lbs(a couple yrs back when i blimped on yaz—which i discontinued using after a couple yrs since i was having so many side effects). i’m now about 112-114lbs so a nice healthy weight and feel great. i just really regret not being patient with myself the last time i had post pill amenorrhea so this time around i’m gonna wait it out!

    1. Jos
      Jos at |

      Are you serious you haven’t got your period since last xmas?! That’s pretty long! Do you feel any difference without the period with your energy level?

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