A Cocoon and a Baby

I have been enjoying this short week thanks to the holiday on Monday but the biggest highlight was Friday.

I was lucky enough I could request working from home on so I could go to the university that I used to attend to get my body fat tested. Unlike the typical underwater weighing, they used this machine called “Bod Pod” but I think I prefer to call it a cocoon because it somewhat reminds me of that 😀

Bod Pod test is simpler and easier to do than underwater weighing. According to the tester, Bod Pod test result is pretty accurate measuring our body fat composition.

Things to keep in mind before taking Bod Pod test:
1. Do not eat 3 hours prior the test
2. Refrain from any exercise 4 hours prior test
3. Keep the body well hydrated
4. Wear a tight fitting clothing or a swimsuit (2 piece for women)

I arrived quite early and I got my height and weight measured. Gee I didn’t know I’m actually 5’6″. All these times I was thinking I was either 5’5″ or 5’4″. Maybe time to update my driver’s licence as well.

After putting on a swimming cap around my hair, I stepped into the cocoon bod pod machine, sat down and the technician closed the cover. Indeed I felt like I was in a cocoon.

The machine had some soft humming noise but other than that, didn’t really fell anything much around me. That was the first phase.

Second phase, I was handed with a clean tube and a nose clip. The technician told me he would give me a signal when to put on the nose clip and the breathing tube. Basically after I put on the nose clip and the breathing tube, I would only breathing through the tube. And after he gave the last signal, I had to give soft puff through the tube.

That concluded the test.


According to the test, I am in lean category which is pretty good although I think I might want to push my body fat a bit lower and increase my lean mass.

So what about the baby?

Today Hubby and I went to a baby shower to one of my former colleague for her first baby girl.

The baby shower started around late afternoon and since we will have dinner at hubby’s parents place, we didn’t eat much there and just nibbled on some stuff. They were serving hot pot (yeah a bit unusual eating hot pot in this hot weather..haha), but I only nibbled on the veggies, mushrooms and some meat slices. No picture for the hot pot but you get the idea.

My biggest treat today was this Indonesian sticky rice thing. It was so good and I totally missed the taste of it. Basically it’s sticky rice cooked with coconut milk with some herb like lemon grass with chicken meat filling.

Have you measured your body fat percentage before? Any body fat percentage preference that you are trying to achieve?How was your weekend?

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