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    […] whole wheat bread so I made one loaf today (with dried cranberries and almond waste from my homemade Almond milk) I won’t lie, I had one slice of my homemade whole wheat bread and it was delicious! Super […]

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  3. jqlee
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    OMG, so much good stuff girl. I want to make bread so bad. It looks fun and easy. I need a breadmaker! I swear when I buy my condo at the end of the year, I’m going to have the most ridiculous kitchen with every kitchen gadget, lol – including a VitaMix so I can make almond milk too! Good work btw.

    I love those thin stir fry noodles. They are sooo good. I could eat a whole box, no joke. All that food at the pot luck looks amazing. Peking duck is quite greasy for sure. I dont remember when was the last time I had it. I helped my dad make won tons once. He brought home all the supplies from the restaurant and he taught me how to put them together. It was kind of fun!

    Oh ya, sticky rice…ahhhh love love love!! Sometimes I just pick out the fatty pork. But I love the mung beans and the peanuts that my mom puts in it.

    Lastly, good work on getting your workout in. I’m in such a rut right now. I never feel like going to the gym anymore.

    Sorry longest comment ever but this post was filled w/awesome foods!

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