My Paleo Approach

I’ll put this in simple list for better understanding:

I eat:
– Fresh vegetables
– Fresh fruits
– Meat (mostly chicken, fish), occasional beef and pork
– Sweet potatoes
– Squashes
– Avocados
– Organic Extra Virgin Coconut butter

See Primal Eats for some Primal food porn.

I drink plain water and green tea.

I cook with these:
– Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
– 100% Coconut Milk
– 100% Avocado Oil
– Pastured Butter
– Spices and herbs
– Salt
– Pepper
– Fresh fruit juices (from actual fruits, not store bought or canned)

I do short intense exercise almost daily.

I eat these in moderation:
– Dairy (full fat greek yogurt, cheese spread)
– Honey
– Dates
– Nuts (almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts)
– Dark chocolate

I try to avoid these as much as possible:
– Gluten (occasionally I’d like to have my homemade bread, some crackers, or someone’s b’day cake/wedding cake)
– Grains (white/brown rice, oats, quinoa, corn and their families)
– Soy (tofu, edamame)

I avoid these completely:
– Processed stuff (hotdog, sausage, cured meat, frozen entrees, canned soup, fake meats etc)
– Deep fried stuff
– Hydrogenated oil (soybean, peanut, canola, sunflower, margarine etc)
– Sugar (pure cane, brown, molasses, agave nectar, stevia)
– All kinds of soft drinks and soda
– All kinds of store bought fruit juices
– Peanuts
– Beans /legumes (black, pinto, white, garbanzo, kidney, lentils etc) – good thing to do cause beans/legumes just make me super gassy!

Some Primal/Paleo principal that I DON’T DO:
– Cook in animal fats (lard) – it grosses me out and I don’t have budget buying grass fed/pastured pork
– Lots of red meat – I’m just not a fan of red meat
– Minimal fruits (because of the high sugar content) – I tried and my bowel wasn’t happy. I need my fruits in conjunction with veggies to get my bowel moving regularly πŸ™‚
– BUY ORGANIC produce and grass fed meat deals.
Seriously, I can’t afford any of those. Just buying all fresh produce already makes my monthly grocery bills about $200 something. And I do have my own thoughts of organic stuff. On certain level, I don’t really belief anything that’s labeled organic is actually live up to its standard. Usually organic produce doesn’t look as appealing as the conventional ones, right? Here’s an interesting theory: what if those beat up looking ones are the ones that don’t make it into supermarket thus they selling them and claim them as organic so they could charge extra amount of $$? Hm no thanks.
Besides farms/companies can always pay for those organic labels so they can jack up the price. And how do we really know that they fed their cattles/chicken natural diets? We’re not there watching them doing it. If you really want to be super anal, open your own farm or start your own vegetable gardening. Now that’s the REAL Primal/Paleo.

I know not many people will agree with me and it’s fine. I don’t make 6 or 7 figure income so I have to what I need to feed me and K (o yea lil bro too). The key is: I eat whole foods NOT processed/boxed/canned etc. For me it’s part of Primal lifestyle.

Also you can read my other post regarding Paleo on a Budget

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  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life)
    Kath (My Funny Little Life) at | | Reply

    Very nice to read this! I think our approach is quite similar, and thanks to you, I also love coconut oil now. πŸ™‚ Although I use Paleo as a framework, I think it’s important to adjust it to your personal needs. I’ve never been a big red meat eater either, but chicken and fish / seafood come naturally. This is also why I love all your recipes so much. πŸ™‚

  3. Keet
    Keet at | | Reply

    So happy to hear you say you do it even without being able to afford “the good stuff”. I am doing the same & trying to reach others to encourage them that even if perfect & ideal are not possible…do it anyway! Not being able to afford organic foods & a gym membership has not stood in my way at all. πŸ™‚

    1. Jos
      Jos at | | Reply

      Hi Keet,

      Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I also sometimes got intimidated by those “perfectly Paleo bloggers” (grass fed meat, pastured meat, organic produce etc) and as a Type A personality, I wish I could be that perfect as well..but on the other hand I keep reminding myself that being healthy doesn’t always have to break my bank.

      1. gary garrison
        gary garrison at | | Reply

        hi jos, i see many things here tonight that i have not seen previously on your blog. this is very nice. yes i will keep digging here as i’m sure there is more that i have not seen. its a good thing that you have invested the hours that were needed to get this up and running. i bet you learned as much as anyone, freddy & zu, with their system bloggers. jos and her-self system blogger! when i am ready to blog i will call upon your service! meanwhile i will just starve to death while i read your daily posts, again nice job & congrads

  4. rafael
    rafael at | | Reply

    Great approach, I like it. It is very similar to what I eat. I do eat some grains though. would like your opinion about my recently started blog:

  5. Panda
    Panda at | | Reply

    I would just like to say it is refreshing to hear someone say this. We do try to buy the “dirty dozen” organic, but I also agree that eating whole, fresh foods and not eating processed foods is already a step in the right direction. Whether you chose organic or not, just by eating only fresh produce and in your case meats you are already eating healthier than 95% or the rest of the population.

    1. Jos
      Jos at | | Reply

      Thanks! πŸ˜€

  6. rsgrice
    rsgrice at | | Reply

    It’s good to see a less insane view on paleo/primal.

    1. Jos
      Jos at | | Reply

      Thanks! πŸ™‚

  7. Shu Han Lee
    Shu Han Lee at | | Reply

    Hi! Try getting meat from your local farmers’ market (: Even if they aren’t certified organic, you’ll realise when yut alk to them that they do adopt very good farming practices and totally deserve to be considered organic farmers, just that they cannot afford the certification. Also, I buy all the “weird” unpopular cuts of meat that are so cheap, they actually cost less than conventional meats.

    1. Jos
      Jos at | | Reply

      Unfortunately, the farmers market around where I live don’t carry meat πŸ™ and I don’t want to drive 30 miles away just to get meat especially gas price is super expensive now. I guess for now I just stick to conventional lean meat cuts πŸ™‚

  8. Ada Vaskys
    Ada Vaskys at | | Reply

    I really enjoy your website!

    I want to give you a fair, balanced reply to your text in red on this page.

    Most Americans spend less than 10% of their income on food ( whereas this number is far higher in most other countries in the world, and is even to about 16% in other “rich” countries like European ones ( Spending $200 on food, to me, sounds like a great bargain. That’s about what I spend I make far, far less than six figures. It’s a matter of priorities–how much does local economy, environmental stewardship, feeding future generations, and global health mean to you? To me it means spending a little extra on my food sometimes, but by no means does it need to be on Organic food! I agree with you that Organically-certified food can be overrated, but not for the same reasons. Personally, I would rather go to my local farmers market (find yours at and pay less than what I would at the grocery store by eating seasonally, locally, organically grown (but not always certified) food that is bought at a direct cost (no middleman that is the grocery store pocketing some of that price). This year I signed up for a CSA (community supported agriculture..look it up!) and I will be paying about $300 for a full four months worth of produce, picked up on a weekly bases plus a pound of meat per week. Needless to say, I am eating ethically and figured out a way not to break my paycheck.
    Though I find local food far better than Organically-certified grocery store produce, I still buy it when I can’t get the equivalent here or I want an out-of-season treat. First off, the produce that’s organic may look beat up because it has not been treated with chemicals so that it “looks good”. You should definitely read up on Organic certification ( because you may be surprised to learn that being organically-certified is a rigorous and sometimes really expensive process that is put on by a third party to eliminate conflicts of interest. Even though some think that organic foods are “not up to par” for sustainability, I being one of them, this in no way means that they are still not very very ethically superior to conventional foods. This means that they still have a way to go.
    Read up on organics a little…I know my mind was changed for the better when I did. And definitely look up your local farmers market! You’ll never regret it. I got to know my community really well after I started going.
    Best to you thanks for the recipes!

    1. adavaskys
      adavaskys at | | Reply

      correct web site

    2. Jos
      Jos at | | Reply

      Hi Thanks for visiting and the info. I really appreciate it πŸ™‚

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