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  1. Ryno
    Ryno at |

    Does your HIIT training match what is laid out in the book? I’ve just started using Tabata’s method with 20 sec on, 10 off, 8 rounds. I’m definitely worn out at the end but I wonder if I should rest and do another session with different timing.

    1. Jos
      Jos at |

      Tabata isn’t great for this protocol because you just don’t have enough recovery in 10 sec to be able to give your next 100% (or MAX effort). I usually do 1 minute recovery and 30 sec MAX effort – I mean really really pushing it like I almost puke by the end of 30 sec. It’s very hard to get 100% effort.

      A true 30 sec MAX effort is very hard to achieve. Even I think I only get up to 80-85%. I do spin bike HIIT – 1 minute easy pedaling and 30 sec high resistance pedaling. The last 10 sec is always a hell for me. Repeat for 10 rounds for a total 15 mins.

      1. Ryno
        Ryno at |

        I feel like 100% is in terms of heart rate and exertion level. I push as hard as I can during that 20 seconds. While it is slower on the last round, it is still as hard as I can go. Maybe I’m wrong about that. I heard that HIIT is best at a 1 to 2 ratio for rest to work. That releases the fatty acids into the blood stream. Then another session with longer rest and work, like you are doing, is good for burning off those fats. I ordered the book so I’ll have that in a few days. I’ve been doing this about 4 weeks and seen a little progress but I’ve still got a ways to go. You look like you are doing great. Congrats.

  2. The Delicate Place
    The Delicate Place at |

    very interesting stuff! i can definitely see a difference but like you said…the best evidence is that you can fit into your pants without them being too snug. i measure my progress by clothing too since the scale is unpredictable with lean mass gains/water weight or bloating around that special time (p.s. which i finally had a natural cycle after almost 1 full year after stopping birth control! so yay for being regulated again ha)

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