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  1. clara peller
    clara peller at |

    Save tons of money on spices by getting them from Asian/Latino markets, or just shopping the international foods aisle for them, rather than just going to the baking section (where McCormick robs you blind by the pound!).  I once had a fascinating encounter with bay leaves:

    Since then, I’ve discovered an even cheaper place to buy them:  Sam’s Club.

    Do the comparison by price per pound, not by size of container (especially when you use the stuff regularly).

    1. Jos
      Jos at |

      Totally agree! 🙂 Thx for sharing!

  2. Kath (My Funny Little Life)
    Kath (My Funny Little Life) at |

    Thank you for this great post! I absolutely agree that eating Paleo on a budget is possible! Well, admittedly, it’s slightly more expensive than how I ate before, but feeling so much better since having changed my eating habits is worth every cent.

  3. The Delicate Place
    The Delicate Place at |

    these are really good tips! sometimes at the end of summer, i dry out my herbs from my garden and jar them. +1 on shopping for some stuff in ethnic grocers. coconut milk in particular is waaaaayyy cheaper than purchasing it from a place like whole foods. i buy meat/some veg from whole foods and that is it! i usually buy everything else from trader joes.

  4. Ekwiecinska
    Ekwiecinska at |

    great post! exactly what i am doing (except here in rural Canada i have access to a lot more grass fed meat at not too expensive a price). my only question is why are you trying so hard to avoid the fat (draining it off, removing skin etc)? isn’t the whole paleo approach supposed to focus on proteing and high (good) fat? i used to toss all my fat drippings and stuff out and now i savour them! and use the fat to add to other dishes for flavour or to fry/cook in.

    1. Jos
      Jos at |

      That’s because the beef and chicken that I usually got are conventionally raised (not organic/grass-fed/pastured raised ones) I do keep the fat from grass-fed beef though 🙂

  5. PaleoMalin
    PaleoMalin at |

    I have to agree that with all the food you no longer buy frees up space in the food budget. Along with cooking from scratch it really does make a difference.

  6. Nina_CZ
    Nina_CZ at |

    Dear Jos!
    You stole my idea 😀 I was just about to write about eating paleo on the budget, actually I have that post already written in my paper notebook and it only needs to be transfered to my blog, haha. Right now I am on a very low budget (just like you, switching jobs can bring you some tricky time you just have to go through) but I didn’t wanna leave the paleo wagon just because I have no money for all that fancy stuff I am used to buy. But I still do it, no money is not an excuse for me. I have to think about every coin I spend right now (not for a long, only 2 weeks left and I will be “richer” again), and it is pretty challenging when you are used to buy anything you wanna taste. But you can still cook and eat clean. What I do it imagining that all those processed things are NOT in the store, so I just HAVE to shop caveman stuff only. Everytime I am in the store I remember this Primal Blueprint line and think: “What would Grok to?” He wouldnt buy a bread or frozen pizza, or cookies or an instant soup. You just need to plan and count. You definitely got my point there 🙂 Good luck with everything getting better soon!!! Thank you for proving that paleo on a budget is possible 🙂

    1. Jos
      Jos at |

      Haha, great minds think alike Nina! I still wanna read your paleo on the budget approach though. It’s interesting to read how different people doing their budgeting while doing paleo.

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