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  4. Delightful Taste Buds
    Delightful Taste Buds at |

    […] wash your hands very often/germ phobia..:D Glad to know that, so I don’t think myself insane! Ameena’s comment really cracked me […]

  5. leashieloo
    leashieloo at |

    I take my vitamins, get a lot of vitamin C, exercise, and I’m with you…I wash and sanitize my hands CONSTANTLY!

  6. Kath (Eating for Living)
    Kath (Eating for Living) at |

    Hello hand-washing-OCD friend! πŸ˜€ I was my hands ALL THE TIME, but not to get rid of bacteria but because I always think my fingertips are sticky and impure somehow. Hehe. I’m not a hoarder, but I collect certain (special) things, otherwise I prefer to toss unneeded stuff immediately. πŸ˜‰

    A thing that helps to avoid colds os drink, drink, drink! Hot herbal teas or hot water with ginger works very well!

  7. Hayley
    Hayley at |

    I hate hoarding stuff too! I spend so much time decluttering and giving things away. But somehow I always end up with more clutter? It just seems to pile up.

    I use hand sanitizer sometimes…but I also prefer the sink. I keep Burt’s Bee’s “natural” hand sanitizer in my bag. I’m not sure how much better for you it actually is, but it does the trick.

    I’m also a fan of plain yogurt- the flavoured ones are too sweet for me but I will eat them in a pinch.

    1. Jos
      Jos at |

      I totally agree with things just keep piling up no matter how much you declutter..

  8. Ameena
    Ameena at |

    I am a total germ-a-phobe…I don’t even trust hand sanitizer so I wash my hands to death. Plus I use my elbow and sleeve to open doors, push elevator buttons, etc. I realize I have mental problems!

    1. Jos
      Jos at |

      LOL, your comment cracked me up πŸ˜€

  9. lequan
    lequan at |

    Hi Jos,

    Omg! My patents, in-laws, and hubby are hoarders – drives me insane! Everytime we move to a new house, I make hubby throw away any boxes he hasn’t touch in the last 2 years. I think that’s pretty reasonable eh?

    As a mom, hand sanitizers are a must! Although I’m not too thrilled about the strong alcoholic smell of some of them.
    Flavored yogurt for me please. Never tried iHerb before. Hope you’re having a great day!

  10. Lisa
    Lisa at |

    I really need to use coconut oil. And I like your green monster drink! Daikon and Korean radishes are different. Daikons are narrow and longer and tastes a bit sweeter in my opinion and is Japanese. Where as Korean radishes are larger in diameter and tastes a bit more bitter uncooked.

    1. Lisa
      Lisa at |

      Ok so I was misinformed. Daikons and Korean radishes are the same. But in the Korean grocery stores they are labeled as daikons and Korean radish and is in different storage boxes. Had to clear that up.

      1. Jos
        Jos at |

        Thanks for the info! πŸ™‚

  11. Sagojyou
    Sagojyou at |

    What do I do to not get sick? Hmm…vitamin c? (that’s typical in Asian places) Stay warm, keep hydrated, and be strong! (<- best advice out of all I think) πŸ˜€
    I don't use hand sanitizer – (blood type O here!) But my BF used to carry one in his pocket – it was really funny how he used it so darn often, but I don't know. He doesn't use it anymore πŸ™‚
    I prefer flavored – vanilla flavor!
    Nope, I've never ordered from iherb before πŸ™‚

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